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    Every frame and every trace counts.
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    It’s all about the fragility of those moments suspended in time (when filming).
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    While every frame traces things, every trace frames things.


Film, video and image arts.

cropped-Gerda-Knokke-023.jpgOriginally from Leuven (Belgium) Gerda Cammaer combines a background in Communication Studies with Filmmaking and Film Studies. For her Ph. D. she made a research-creation project about the so-called “death of film” and the importance of experimental film practices in times of accelerated technological changes. Both as a maker and as scholar she specializes in experimental and documentary films. Although over the past few years she dedicated much of her energy and focus to Film and Cultural Studies scholarship, she is first and foremost a filmmaker. Most of her film and video work builds upon her passion for collage film, experimental film practices and creative documentary. Her photography also shows an interest in both abstract images (painting with light) and documentary (people and cultures). Gerda Cammaer also works as a free-lance programmer of Canadian experimental film and video. She is Associate  Professor at the School of Image Arts of Ryerson University in Toronto.

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