Video made with 8mm images filmed by Cornelius Mertens (my great grand uncle) in 1953 (that was also the original title of the unedited film reel). I edited the footage and created a sound track for it that respects the originality, mystery and surrealism of the original footage. In the end Nelle Mertens acts in the film as the last "bride" and then he is revealed as the amateur filmmaker and the mastermind behind this fun mascerade. Everyone walks off on their way to the party (?) on a famous dutch folk song that goes "and we are not going home, not in a long time, not in a long time..." This film was made as part of my PhD thesis titled "Afterimages and Afterthoughts about the Afterlife of film", a critical examination of the debates about the so called "death of film". What you see here is a new version, with a gentler sound track that has less of an emphasis on the "flaws" in the image (due to damage or breakage). The images remain edited as to emphasize the ephemeral quality of film, especially small film format such as 8mm of which most are long lost.

November 30, 2015

1953 (2010) from gerda cammaer on Vimeo.

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