Struggling in Paradise

This is a found footage film about Paradise: a state of complete happiness. Amidst of information overload, communication overkill and mediated emotions, paradise is more and more a fleeting promise, a state of mind almost impossible to achieve. In a society fixated on achieving everything in an instant, being perfect all the time and having to experience everything, sense is lost, senses get blunted, and pleasure is only fake pleasure or even worse, a constant source of frustration. Some seek refuge in the creative process. Some stretch the use of the senses to its limits multiplying and enhancing "various emotions". Others just drive along on the road to paradise, thinking there is "nothing to worry about". Hidden behind all this is the profound knowledge that in the end, it is all about "the drive" and Hitchcock leads the way, both to and away of scary places. This found footage film is made with images from a faded instructional film about driving at night, and scraps of other films saved from trim bins (e.g. the head shots of Alfred Hitchcock). All these images were optically reprinted (frame by frame) to enhance or correct the color: e.g. the pink of the faded color images is made orange, a color that has the power to balance one's emotions. The sound-track was composed by Peter Lester. The film won the "most innovative film" award at the 2004 Afcoop Film Screening in Halifax.

November 30, 2015

Struggling in Paradise (2004) from gerda cammaer on Vimeo.

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