Mobilarte is based on a video recording of a tuktuk ride through the city of Maputo (Mozambique) filmed on an iPad. The piece explores the particular qualities of iPad moving images (ghost frames, pixellation), as well as various ways to represent quick impressions and fleeting memories of life in Maputo. The video is edited following the workings of associative memory and change blindness, the fact that if movement and action remain constant, viewers don’t perceive continuity errors in film. The sound is constructed by creating four different musical tones of short tuktuk sounds, which were each attributed to one of the national colors of Mozambique: yellow, green, red and black. The actual sound track is the result of applying a computer program to the image that scanned it for those four colors and translated this into music. The video has three parts that each have a different emotional character: Maputo Alto, Maputo Baixa and Maputo Praia.

November 30, 2015

Mobilarte from gerda cammaer on Vimeo.

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